Boutique 18 Update: Christian Schulz

Now at [Studio Collective] in LA, Schulz explains how being named to the B18’s class of 2008 impacted his career.

What changes have you seen in the design field since being named to the B18?
Two main things: Clients are spending more money per square foot on their respective projects, and there’s also a lot more investments being made on projects in the U.S. That said, the lessons of past “big spending” and inflated budgets with little return in the long run have not been forgotten by most savvy business owners and developers. With the overall increase in development work, our firm is seeking the next generation of successful designers, but have found it harder to locate experienced, mid to senior-level talent.

How did becoming part of the B18 impact your career?
It was a real honor to be nominated back then, and I can tell you it was a very nice feeling to be noticed and rewarded by my peers and colleagues for my hard work. Most designers who are successful in developing their careers get there because of the true passion they have for creating beautiful, meaningful and memorable spaces. For me personally, it was a boost of confidence and also allowed us all to have a voice in the work we were part of at that time.

Schulz is now working on several exciting hotel projects of varying scale and magnitude, while also co-developing some of the projects that [Studio Collective] is designing.