MIDNIGHT GARDEN By Mariott Intl. Global Design

Marriott International i+A brings an element of the fantastic to the BDwest 2017 show with the unveiling of “Midnight Garden”—dark, mysterious and moody with a twist of something wonderfully wrong. The space captures the imagination and seduces the guest to linger. Partnering with some of the most creative minds in the industry, the environment is lush, tactile and full of delight. Luminescent fixtures conjure memories of fireflies on dewy forest ferns. Furnishings become amorphous and fanciful. Artwork mutates with the interspersion of light. The architectural structure becomes a grand oak canopy dripping with Spanish moss housing a whimsical tea party. The color palette of midnight aubergine, moonlight, ultra-violet fuchsia and shades of fern green cultivate enchantment and respite.
Feature Area Sponsors: Alger-Triton, Encore Hospitality Carpet, Fairmont Designs, Garden on the Wall, Justin David Textiles
Product Sponsors: Artonomy/Miller Gallery, MDC Wallcoverings, Pionner Pro Audio
Product Contributor: JG Edelen Co.

OOH-LA-LA! By Stonehill Taylor

Ooh-La-La Mesdames et Messieurs! Welcome to a sexy lounge inspired by the extravagant Parisian culture. Open your mind and embrace feisty French attitude in the objects you see. As the Eiffel Tower pierces through the traditional cityscape, the daring red accent divides the booth into three zones: two living rooms and a center-of-action bar. The space plan is an abstraction of the Louvre where elegant architecture meets intrusive modernism. The triangular bar and bold glass structure shamelessly barge through the graceful interior. Custom case goods, seating and lighting are the avant-garde interpretation of the frisky Parisian vibe. The space is a fusion of classic and modern, modest and edgy, subtle and provocative. Ooh-La-La! invites you to sit back, flirt, and socialize with a glass of happiness at the bar.

Feature Area Sponsors: HB Lighting, Maya Romanoff, Moen, Montague, P/Kaufmann Contract, Signature Hospitality Carpets, Shelby Williams
Product Sponsor: Pioneer Pro Audio, Trunk Archives/HG Arts
Product Contributors: Trellage-Ferrill Studio

AALTITUDE By The Gettys Group


Aaltitude is a fresh aerie, a Nordic-inspired conservatory with outdoor Gaarten. Completely connected and suited for relaxing, recharging and reconnecting, this space designed by The Gettys Group provides respite from the busy BDWest floor. The grandeur of the rocky fjords contrasted by soft forests and valleys inspired the simple wood frame accented with winter-white lacquer, sunny bright bronze and a geode-patterned carpet. Scandinavian-modern-inspired furnishings, lighting and textiles in Arctic colors provide a soft complement. Aaltitude guests are encouraged to spend time on the Terrass identified by the “wood deck,” charging ledge and white lacquer pergola. Outdoor furnishings give everyone the ability to lounge “outside” in the Gaarten for an alternate experience.

The Lounge transforms come evening via artistic screening; the glow of the brass, bleached oak and stone bar come alive and the conservatory becomes … not so conservative.

Feature Area Sponsors: Artonomy/Miller Gallery, Gainwell, Hubbardton Forge, Janus et Cie, KB Contract, M Group, MetroFlor, Mteriors
Product Sponsors: Pioneer Pro Audio, Sonny+Ash

DARLING NIKKI By P3 Design Collective


Inspired by one of the most poignant events of 2016, Darling Nikki pays homage to the musical icon, Prince. A pioneer in self-expression, the music world was revolutionized through his transformative performance aesthetic, flamboyant sexuality, and artistic collaboration.

Darling Nikki embodies Prince’s enigmatic spirit through the juxtaposition of fierce femininity and bold masculinity through coalescing elements; creating layers of meaning throughout the space. Seductive fabrics, innovative technologies, and provocative details invite you to look a little closer, linger a little longer, and if you dare: sign your name on the dotted line…

Feature Area Sponsors: Ariston, Interface Hospitality, JVA Art Group, Kravet Contract,Renaissance Contract Lighting & Furnishings, Inc., UltraGlas, Wonderly’s
Product Sponsor: Pioneer Pro Audio

CABANAS By Meyer Davis Studio


Meyer Davis Studio has teamed up with Boutique Design West to create “Cabanas” – a temporary installation that will house BDwest panel discussions and act as a public lounge space during the trade fair this spring in Los Angeles. Overall, the palette consists of natural materials – driftwood, stone, weathered woods, and light, woven fabrics with hints of blue reflecting the laid-back, ocean-inspired aesthetic of Southern California. Greenery will also be incorporated in the design, bringing the outdoors in and reflecting the natural landscape of the west coast. Light colors highlight the detailed craftsmanship of millwork, carpet, furniture, and fabrics throughout the space. Meyer Davis Studio is proud to share its distinct aesthetic defined by crisp, clean and transporting spaces with the attendees of BDwest 2017.

Feature Area Sponsors: Aqua Hospitality Carpets, Beachwood Custom, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Contract, Valley Forge Fabrics
Product Sponsor: Pioneer Pro Audio