Executive Leadership

Michelle Finn
President, HMG & SVP, Hospitality Brands, ST Media Group
C 312.961.2772
F 513.744.6959
E michelle.finn@stmediagroup.com

Phil Robinson
Group Show Director
O 212.754.7920
E phil.robinson@stmediagroup.com

Sales Team

Melani Beattie
Associate Publisher/Business Development Manager/Midwest/West
O 312.218.5691
E melani.beattie@stmediagroup.com

Michael Schneider
Business Development Manager/Northeast
O 212.404.6936
F 513.744.6979
E michael.schneider@stmediagroup.com

Scott Rickles
Business Development Manager/Southeast
O 770.664.4567
C 770.331.9562
F 770.740.1399
E scott.rickles@stmediagroup.com

Conference, Operations, and Marketing Teams

Mary Scoviak
Conference Director
O 513.263.9351
E mary.scoviak@stmediagroup.com

Tony Orlando
Director of Tradeshow Operations
O 845.765.8777
E tony.orlando@hmgllc.com

Sandi Luppert
Marketing Director
O 513.263.9338
E sandi.luppert@stmediagroup.com

Jaime Smith
Creative Director
O 513.520.9268
E jaime@inklingcg.com

Cassie Maurer
Exhibitor Marketing Manager
O 513.263.9316
E cassie.maurer@hmgllc.com

Caitlyn Short
Marketing Assistant
O 513.263.9308
E caitlyn.short@stmediagroup.com

Keisha Byrd
Conference & Events Manager
O 513.263.9341
E keisha.byrd@hmgllc.com

Megan Baughman
Events Manager
O 513.263.9393
E megan.baughman@hmgllc.com

Beth Sunderhaus
Events Coordinator
O 513-263-9330
E beth.sunderhaus@hmgllc.com

Nicole Panzeca
Event Coordinator/ Customer Relations
O 513.263.9307
E nicole.panzeca@hmgllc.com