Blaire Weiser

senior interior designer
Johnson Nathan Strohe

As a senior interior designer with JOHNSON NATHAN STROHE, Blaire Weiser brings a tremendous talent for problem-solving and commitment to execution on her projects. Her creativity, passion and enthusiasm are matched by her ability to guide clients to solutions that take their concepts to the next level.


Raised in the hospitality industry, Blaire’s designs reflect an inherent understanding of what it means to make people feel welcome and cared for. Some of her most notable projects include The Perry Hotel Key West, which was named among the 12 best-designed hotels opening in 2017 by Architectural Digest, Halcyon, a hotel in Cherry Creek, and The Maven Hotel at Dairy Block in Denver. Blaire is currently working on a mixed-use redevelopment of a historic site – The Mercantile – in downtown Missoula, Montana.


Never afraid to roll up her sleeves, Blaire is actively involved in every aspect of her projects, ensuring the faithful execution of the design while allowing for flexibility to address constructability and pragmatic solutions. Driven by her passion for building up the next generation of creators and innovators, Blaire is also deeply involved in Denver’s design community.


When she’s not designing, Blaire enjoys exploring new cultures, traveling and cherishing time with her family.