Greer May

associate principal
Studio 11 Design

Greer May, Associate Principal at Studio 11 Design, knew she wanted to be in a creative field. After obtaining design internships throughout high school and college, Greer realized her true passion was hospitality design.


A balance of creativity and follow-through is something all designers strive for, but this is something Greer innately has.  Graduating from CIDA accredited Baylor University, Greer worked for 9 years at a large international hospitality design firm before taking a run at residential design.  Through these experiences, Greer learned that healthy client relations, ethical business practices, and communication are important in obtaining a cohesive design.  She is extremely skilled in a turnkey design process, from initial design concepts to finalizing elements in construction documentation and administration.  Working with hoteliers like Sands Corporation, Kerzner International, Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide, and Starwood, she has overseen project installations from under 100 to over 1,000 room hotels.


Greer’s design aesthetic was molded through extensive world travels and learning at a young age that listening is the key to any successful venture.  Keeping in mind how the end user will function in the space, Greer creates environments that are proportionally accurate, visually stunning and inviting based on the direction the client desires.