Jeanne Starling

vice president of interior design
Kessler Collection

Jeanne Starling has been creating engaging hospitality environments for over 3 decades in both the
corporate and private sectors of the industry. With drive and passion, she is completely in her element
establishing and leading high performance design studios and equally comfortable fashioning a team of
consultants to facilitate collaborative design efforts. Her colleagues and clients have come to rely on the
combination of her charismatic leadership and her calm demeanor in the midst of complex project
processes. She is unwavering in her attention to detail and is driven to see projects grow into their full

Jeanne has been the Director of Design Development for MGM Resorts Design & Development group
for over 12 years. As leader of the design studio within MRDD, she was responsible for generating
excellence in the results of each Capital Expenditure project and ensuring that the brand identity of each
resort property was reflected in the completed projects. She was called upon to provide her leadership
and hospitality design experience in a variety of project types, managing interior design services
provided by the in-house studio and consultants for hundreds of projects in luxury hotel resort
environments and entertainment venues.

One of her passions has been to serve as a design educator for the UNLV Interior Architecture program
for 10 years, teaching the capstone undergraduate studio course in Hospitality Design.
To be versatile and innovative in her professional role, Jeanne finds inspiration in activities that take her
away from daily routine and allow her to be immersed in the world around her. She is always up for an
outdoor adventure, whether on land or water, involved in competitive cycling and mountain biking, sea
kayaking and scuba-diving.