John Schroeter


John Schroeter is a dynamic small business owner, thought leader and all around master of the textile industry.  John founded Applied Textiles in 1992 after an eight-year education at a New England textile mill.  That experience showed John the challenges and opportunities facing the textile industry.  With Applied Textiles, John set out to design a proprietary enterprise system and a just-in-time delivery model to eliminate waste and inefficiencies.  This model allows mills and manufacturers to focus on their core business and leave the processing of the fabrics to a third party expert.


After seeing success with Applied Textiles, John turned his attention in early 2000 to expanding into the wider commercial interiors market. He saw the negative impact of unaccredited textile testing, textile “finishes” that did not work and poor environmental practices. John led Applied Textiles into harnessing the power of nanotechnology and developing a technology that could make virtually any textile high-performance. Applied Textiles became an A2LA-accredited lab and they now run more than 80 accredited tests in house.  John’s latest advancement for the textile industry is Altaä, a water-based chemistry that offers full oil and water repellency and is the first application-based textile technology to garnered an innovation award at BDNY.


John’s commitment to the industry remains strong. He is a member of ACT, IIDA and NEWH and the Haworth Supplier Council.


John holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Maine.  John is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, skiing and fishing.  A current resident of Grand Rapids, MI, John is the father to four beautiful daughters and two black Labs.