Nick Chini

Nick Chini leads asset sourcing, underwriting, due diligence and strategic planning and administration for Bainbridge Investments. Mr. Chini also leads new acquisitions and limited partner financing, including endowments, institutions, and family offices. In addition to his role as the General Partner, Mr. Chini sits on the board of Bainbridge, where he was previously Managing Director, leading all aspects of the firm’s corporate consulting, capital advisory and private equity business groups. Mr. Chini co-founded the Capital Advisory practice in 2002, and now leads the Private Equity practice for Bainbridge. Over his career, Mr. Chini has executed over $2 billion in mergers, acquisitions, corporate operations and divestitures for over two hundred Fortune 1000 and private equity clients. Mr. Chini has conducted mid-stream and MLP qualified real estate asset acquisition, management, and dispositions for energy, infrastructure and real estate clients.