Patrick Ho

project director
Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA)

Patrick Ho is a project designer at the world’s leading hospitality design firm, Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA). Graduating with a B.S. in a CIDA accredited interior design program at Colorado State University, he went on to study in Denmark in an international program, and now lives in Singapore. His time spent living in multiple countries broadened his perspective of how culture can influence design.

His time overseas, coupled with his regular travels across the globe, have made Patrick increasingly cognizant of how a well-designed property is one that can seamlessly fit into the local culture and natural environment of its location. He is a firm believer that being a talented designer requires a strong foundation of communication and understanding of both the community and nature.

To date, Patrick has over a decade of experience in projects from North America, Europe and Asia – with a recent shift in focus to the burgeoning Chinese market. With his wealth of knowledge, he is able to flexibly manage and direct design projects from start to finish. Notable projects he has completed recently include Ahn Luh Qiandaohu and Hualuxe Wuhu, and he is currently working on Four Seasons Lijiang and Marriot Zhuhai, to name a few. His dream is to continue designing, learning and facing challenges head on in his quest for good design.